The Warrior’s Code (Legend of the Dreamer #1.2) by David James Review

First and foremost, I want to thank David for providing me a copy of The Warrior’s Code (without expectation of a review). Thank you for your kindness, as always!

Summary from Goodreads:

Live by the Code. Die by the Code.

In the magical world of the Order, Warriors fight for justice, freedom, and peace. Becoming a Warrior is an honor given to few, and twelve-year-olds Zackery Solts and Kate Black will do anything to have a place among the elite. 

Zack and Kate must compete against eighteen others and pass three deadly tests of courage and skill. Above all, they must be strong because while the dangers of the tests are unknown, one thing is clear: not everyone will survive.

The Warrior’s Code is an e-format prequel short story in the Legend of the Dreamer series.


The Warrior's Code (Legend of the Dreamer, #1.2)


I fell in love with David’s writing after reading Light of the Moon. It was absolutely brilliantly written. Not only did the story captivate me but his actual writing style did as well. It was beautiful and absolutely lyrical. In Light of the Moon we briefly meet Zack but I had a feeling he might perhaps play a bigger role in the sequel. I was BEYOND excited when David announced that he wrote a novella about Zack’s story.

I read this book in one sitting because I was absolutely entranced by snippets of Zack’s backstory, as well as Zack and Kate’s journey through the three challenges lying between them and becoming Warriors of the Order. It was dark, powerful, and terrifying. I admire how much strength Zack possesses.  His strength transcends the challenge of becoming a Warrior but also encompasses his journey into self-discovery.

This leads me to speak of another thing I love about David’s writing. He’s not afraid to speak to people of all different walks of life. He doesn’t shy away from diversity but rather embraces it. I think this is very important and rather valiant. I find that many authors either shy away or fail to even attempt to write about people of different backgrounds; whether it is race, gender, sexual identity, etc. David not only embraces but exceeds in his writing about diversity. For that, I applaud him.

I would not only highly recommend The Warrior’s Code but also Light of the Moon which picks up after the events in The Warrior’s Code. 

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