Two Weeks in the Life of Allura: Bookish & Otherwise

I have so many awesome things to tell you all

First things first, I graduated from Temple University (Philadelphia) last Thursday with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I also graduated with distinction in my major and high honors within the University. I was pretty excited! One, because I’ve been in school for 5 years full time, and two, I was really excited to make my family proud. 🙂

I also flew to L.A. the weekend of the 9th and attended a research conference at UCLA! It was a lot of fun and I met a lot of great people. I also found out it was pretty prestigious so that had me all excited. I also never wanted to come home but alas graduation, my boyfriend, family, and friends convinced me otherwise.

In other big news, I was accepted into ABCT, which is another psychology research  conference! It’s in Nashville, Tennessee in November. It’s also a pretty big deal in the Clinical psychology world.

Onto more bookish things!


Check it out here…

Also, if you struggle with who vote for in Indie, Realistic, or Debut, I am hardcore pushing for Tristan from the Grab Your Pole Series. 🙂 Just sayin’

I’m planning to read and review a few books this week including:

To My Hero

To My Hero: A Blog of Our Journey Together

Gameboard of the Gods

Gameboard of the Gods (Age of X, #1)

The Warrior’s Code


So yeah…that about covers it!


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