Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi

I thought it was about time to release this review…


Aria and Perry haven’t seen each other since Aria found her mother dead and Perry defeated Vale for Blood Lord. Although they have been reunited the Tides do not take well to Aria, a former Dweller, and with worsening Aether storms Perry’s hold on the Tides is weakening. Aria has to decide whether leaving Perry behind will allow her to complete the mission Consul Hess has bestowed upon her and allow Perry to continue to lead the Tides.

Perry and Aria will face some of their biggest challenges yet – new temptations, betrayals, and unexpected friendships – can their love survive?


I was extremely worried I’d be disappointed with this sequel but I wasn’t. Rossi answered many of the questions I had when I was finished with Under the Never Sky. The origin of Aether and the Pods was finally explained and the character development was everything I could ask for as a reader. The book, for fiction, featured some pretty realistic relationship problems and the characters had to make tough decisions. It was not all sunshine and daisies for Aria and Perry. Perry meets another Scire, a female, the first female Scire he’s met besides his sister Liv. Obviously this adds some temptation into his life, especially since Aria ran off to look for the Still Blue with Roar without him. I liked that Rossi allowed Perry to be tempted and not written him the same way most authors in this genre would have – as if no one else in the entire world is as important or interesting or awesome as Aria. Okay, Perry may or may not come to this conclusion eventually, but it’s nice to see he can also, like normal males, see the intrigue in other females. There wasn’t much I could really complain about while reading this book – it was fast paced from the very beginning and there were plenty of things that threw me for a loop. I definitely had a few “WHAT?????!!!!!!” moments. I would highly recommend reading this book, especially if, like me, after the first one you were still a little confused and apprehensive. Trust me, Aria becomes a much stronger character and Perry shows more of his human side which is awesome. I also, of course, enjoyed Roar’s comedic relief as well as his more darker emotions. And finally, A BONUS, Liv makes her grand appearance so we finally get to see if there’s anything left between her and Roar. (YAY)


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