Under the Never Sky (Under the Never Sky Book #1) by Veronica Rossi

This is a really hard book to write a summary on that makes sense without giving a lot away and being overly confusing,so I will do my best. 


Aria and Perry are from two completely different worlds.

Aria is from Reverie, a safe and harmonious place, free from disease, war, and aging. After her mother goes missing, Aria knows she must do what it takes to get her back. When Aria and her friends break into a restricted area of Reverie leading to a fire, Aria is blamed for the incident and exiled from Reverie to the Outside, a place she knows will lead to imminent death. When Perry finds Aria on the Outside, he blames her for his nephew’s (Talon) kidnapping. If only Perry hadn’t broken into the Dweller Fortress and saved Aria from the fire, Talon would still be safe with the Tide’s. But Perry knows that Aria may be his only way to get answers that will lead to getting Talon back and Aria knows that Perry may be her only chance at survival and finding her mother. Can they get past their hate for one another and find the answers they’re looking for? 



As the release date for the second installment of this series drew nearer I decided to re-read the first book since it’s been a couple of months. My first reaction to this book was confusion. Strange names and dual POV through the third person tripped me up a little bit. However, after the first few chapters I was able to get past these issues and really enjoy the book. Although this is classified as a dystopian novel it’s more or less a post-apocalyptic setting. I enjoyed the world that Rossi created but felt that perhaps she should have done a little more explaining about the Aether storms and given a little bit more background on what lead to the creation of the Pods (such as Reverie). What is Aether and what caused these storms to begin? Why do they need the Pods? Perhaps the second book will delve more into these details but it took me two reads to sort through all the details. I can see why this book may be difficult for some to read because of this. Some readers may not have the patience to deal with the strange names and confusing details of Under the Never Sky‘s world. 

I am really, really happy I gave this book a chance and didn’t just stop reading it because it began with confusing details. Rossi’s world is beautiful and after the first few chapters it was hard to tear myself away from it. I loved the way Perry was developed as a character and felt a strong connection to him. The introduction of Roar gave the book some comedic relief and although Aria took about 3/4 of the book to grow on me, I could see her growing from an intolerable, self-pitying character to a character I could really begin to like and respect. 

Normally I devour books, and this book was no exception the first time I read it, but I felt re-reading it at a slower pace helped with my improved enjoyment and really prepared me for the second book. 


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