Opal (The Lux Series) – Jennifer Armentrout

Sorry this review took so long, with my arm in a split it’s a little difficult for me to type. I also needed a little time to reflect on the book so I could give an honest review.

DISCLAIMER: if you plan to read this series I would recommend not reading this review before reading the first two books.

Dawson, Dee and Daemon’s missing brother, is back. But he’s very different from the happy-go-lucky alien he left as. He’s moody and never has much to say, unless he’s around Katy. This doesn’t always sit very well with the rest of his family. Katy is dealing with all her guilt and anger over the part she played in Adam’s death, too. Dee wants nothing to do with Katy right now and is adamant in her revenge against Blake. Dawson is adamant on getting Beth back and begins to act recklessly and dangerously until Katy makes a deal with him that they’ll help him get Beth back as long as he agrees to wait for them to make a plan. This plan involves going straight into the hornet’s nest. Daedalus, the place where hybrids are made by captured Luxen, if they’re lucky enough to survive…

It took me a couple of weeks to decide how I felt about this book. At first I really loved it but after really reflecting on it I decided that at first I DIDN’T love it. It took a while for Opal to really get going. I did, however, appreciate the fact that Daemon and Katy retained their normal banter and did not turn into piles of mush just because they’re now “in love.” I really enjoyed the introduction of Dawson back in their lives and cannot wait until we see more from him. Overall Opal was a good book if you are willing to give it a chance. With a really slow start I can see why it would be difficult for some people to get into it. The ending was shocking but not altogether unpredictable but the middle of the book was fun. Now to wait until the summer for the next one…


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