Onyx (The Lux Series) – Jennifer Armentrout

Now that the semester is officially done I have time to read and review without feeling guilty. 🙂

I was planning to review Opal but then I realized I never reviewed Onyx so I think logically I will do that first.

At the end of Obsidian Daemon admits he has feelings for Katy, but of course she doesn’t believe him. Who could blame her? Now that they’re linked, bonded, whatever, due to some weird alien healing connection, she’s unsure whether these feelings are his or due to the bond. He claims he’s always had feelings for her but he just chose to ignore them which is also hard for Katy to believe. Daemon has been quite the “asshat” since day one, after all.

Onyx focuses a lot on Katy fighting her attraction to Daemon while dealing with her new alien connection. There’s also a new guy in town, Blake. He’s hot and seems blissfully normal, something Katy desperately craves. But of course, the little green monster jealously is riding on Daemon’s back. He claims he’s being overprotective due to a gut feeling that Blake isn’t who he says he is, but Katy has a hard time believing that. As Katy struggles with her bond to Daemon and everything that comes with it, is it possible she’s not seeing Blake for who or possibly what he is?

Of course I was frustrated by Katy’s refusal to accept Daemon’s feelings but I wasn’t at all shocked by this because what’s a good romance novel without playing hard to get? I also admire Katy for standing her ground and not becoming one of those girls who turns to a love-struck idiot with no self-respect. Yes, Daemon deeply affects her but she still retains her sarcastic personality and when the times calls for it she sticks up for herself. Anyways, I think Armentrout did a great job combining action, humor, and wit to make a compelling second novel. Many times the second novel in a series takes an epic dive bomb but I thought this book was good. I think a lot can be said for the relationship between Katy and Daemon, without their witty banter the story would be lacking and it makes their relationship much more interesting. The plot turns were pretty epic and the ending definitely throws you for a loop! I always love the unexpected since 9 times out of 10
I figure everything out way before I should.

And yes… I still love Daemon. He’s still just as witty and asinine as always. This time you get to see a little romance from him though. 😉


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