Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins

Sweet Evil is the story of Anna, a quiet, naive, and sweet 16 year old girl. Everyone at school considers her the “good girl.” She doesn’t disobey her adoptive mother, Patti, and she stays away from drugs and alcohol. But…there’s always that alluring pull, as if one sip of alcohol or one hit of a drug and she will teeter over the edge. She meets Kaidan at a local show with her best fried Jay. Kaidan is beautiful and intriguing.

Anna can see people’s auras, she’s always been different than others her age. It’s not until she meets Kaidan that she realizes they share similar abilities. Kaidan and Patti explain that she is the daughter of a demon just like Kaidan. However, Anna is also the daughter of a guardian angel, a shocking and very dangerous fact. Anna is also falling for Kaidan, something almost as dangerous and forbidden as her heritage.

So this book…I was really skeptical at first. My friend (who pretty much suggests three-quarters of the books I read) described it to me and I thought “Oh great, another take on nephilim…awesome.” However, this book is extremely creative! I really liked that the Nephilim descended from the 7 deadly sins (as well as a few others, for good measure). I also thought the romantic attraction between Kaidan and Anna was well written and more realistic than most these days. It was the cliche – girl falls in love with guy, guy seems to have feelings for her but pushes her away, nonsense but it was way better than insta-love. I found Higgin’s writing style to be consistent and better than quite a few of the YA novels I’ve read recently. The only qualm I have with the book is the relationship between Anna and her father. It seems a little exaggerated – who sees their father after 16 years and is only skeptical of him for about .5 seconds? Anyways, this book was highly entertaining and I wasn’t disappointed with it at all, really. It’s fun to see the 7 deadly sins in human form and to see the havoc their offspring wreak.


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