City of Glass by Cassandra Clare (The Mortal Instruments #3)

So I’ve actually read quite a few books lately but I’ve been so busy with school and work that I haven’t had time to review them. I’m hoping I can catch up over the next few weeks as the semester winds down.

But anyways! This book blew my mind. The writing wasn’t spectacular and it still confused me sometimes when it jumped from character to character. HOWEVER, the twists and turns in this book caused me to stop being a productive member of society for a day or two. Clare’s writing style is not the best but the way she develops the story definitely makes this book worth reading.

Short synopsis (without trying to give anything away):

Jace and the Lightwoods decide to go to Idris supposedly with Clary in tow. However, Jace doesn’t believe this is necessary or safe for Clary after what happened on Valentine’s ship so he decides to leave her behind. This sets off a series of events that involves Clary sneaking into Idris and Simon being locked in prison. All this is occurring while Valentine threatens the Clave with the most deadly battle they have ever faced. People aren’t who they seem and relationships fall apart and come together in some very interesting ways. Deception and betrayal run high and now that the annoying love triangle between Clary, Simon, and Jace has ended new relationships can evolve.

The revelations in this book are amazing. I could not believe the way Clare twisted things!

Some people either really love or hate this series, I choose to ignore the writing and descriptions and just enjoy the story. If you do this, you’ll enjoy the story line  If you can’t do this then I wouldn’t read the series.


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