The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

So I was a little skeptical about reading The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. I heard some mixed reviews about it; it seems people either love it or hate it. It’s the store of Clary, a seemingly ordinary fifteen year old girl. However, Clary is not at all normal. She descends from the Shadowhunters; a secret group of demon-slayers. She befriends Alec, Jace, and Isabelle (teenage shadowhunters) after seeing them slay a demon in a night club. With the help of her best friend Simon and the three shadowhunters, Clary begins to understand who she is and where she comes from, at least on the surface. The problem is Clary really can’t remember experiencing a lot of paranormal instances that she should have if she’s descended from shadowhunters. This question along with many more make this book a sure page-turned. Certain aspects of it remind me of a certain story about a boy wizard but Clare adds some of her own spins. I really enjoyed this book once it got past the first 5-8 chapters. The beginning was a little slow and confusing but I think Clare made up for it towards the end. Parts of the book are a little drawn out and certain things could be done without – but no story is perfect. My only real criticism is the love triangle between Simon, Clary, and Jace. I know there’s nothing like good drama but I think these kinds of circumstances are starting to get overdone in this genre.Anyways, I would recommend reading this book if you like worlds full of paranormal creatures and some suspense, drama, and all that good stuff. (Also, something really shocking happens at the end that really disappointed me but like I said – I won’t always totally like every book!)


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