Obsidian (the Lux Series) by Jennifer Armentrout

If you like a series with quite a bit of action and some witty romantic comedy then this series might just be your cup of tea…

Katy moves to West “by God” Virginia from Florida with her mom. Her dad passed away from cancer about three years early and her mom is looking for a new start. Katy figures West Virginia is going to be pretty boring until she meets her tall, dark, and handsome neighbor, Daemon and his free-spirited and slightly ADD sister Dee. There’s only one HUGE problem – Daemon is a huge jerk. We’re talking shut the front door, did he really just say that? He’s condescending and brutally honest in his absolute dislike for Katy and her friendship with his sister Dee. However Katy isn’t your normal damsel in distress, woe is me, female protagonist. Katy can give it right back to Daemon and then some. She’s smart, strong, and isn’t afraid to express her equal dislike for Daemon.

Anyways, something strange is going on with the Black twins; something Katy can’t quite put her finger on. However, Armentrout doesn’t just come out and say it but leaves you wondering for about half the book – what are Daemon and Dee?! The plot line sucks you in as Katy (and you) try to figure out the mystery of the Black family. Why are they so beautiful and why do freaky things seems to happen when Katy is around?

It also doesn’t hurt that Daemon is blissfully arrogant, smart, and sexy – all things that drive Katy (and you) crazy – in the worst ways too. Much like Mr. Adrian Ivashkov from VA there are times you just don’t know whether to run into Daemon’s arms or slap that sexy little half-grin off his perfectly sculpted face. We know Katy struggles with the same dilemma since she is so obviously attracted to Daemon. She stands her ground though and doesn’t give in to her wild lust for him…or does she? You’ll have to see 🙂


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